Sunday September 13th

It’s here!


  • I’m taking a class for fun on GUIs and how we could re-imagine them if they were influenced by periods in art history.
  • I jumped at taking the course because it’s the perfect blend of what I like; tech and creativity.
  • It’s also an excuse to get a Wacom, which I really wanted to get since I had to give the ones I had away when I moved :(

I took a nap

  • I took a nap and got up and saw something at my door this was my Wacom!
  • It’s unlike the other two that I had owned, so I wasn’t sure how it would feel and if I’d get accustomed to it, but it’s a lot larger than I thought it would be, was super easy to install, and so far, so good!
  • I was thinking about getting a tablet, but decided not to get one. I used to draw in a certain store on their tablets, and also get kicked out. The security guard there used to ask me to leave, and I never knew why. They even lied about the store being busy one time. It’s funny that shortly after getting kicked out by their security, they (the company) hired me (not as security). At the time, I was super broke, and it was a free way of killing time while waiting to visit my friend at NASA (he would take me out for dinner and we would sometimes go hang out with other scientists). I also was interviewing and thought since I might get the gig, I should learn more about their products, since I hadn’t owned one of their products since 2006 (it was outside of my budget at the time to own their products). I remember asking the security guard how they knew I wasn’t someone who, based on my experience in the store, might buy their products. They continued to follow me and tell me that I had to leave soon. Even when the place was not very busy.
  • I giggle sometimes thinking about how many people like me that security guard might have told to leave; I think it’s important and really liked that there are public spaces for artists to draw. Many in my old neighbourhood would hang out at this boba shop where you could get a pot of tea and sit there for the entire day. When I wasn’t working, I would hang out there, and they were really kind to me. Shortly afterwards, I did get a job, but it was also really cool just being able to sit in coffee shops and meet other people making their way in the world. One of them heard I was writing scripts and thought I was screenwriter. I had to explain it was “scripts in Haskell”, not movie scripts, and he laughed at our miscommunication.
  • I definitely made sure to visit the store that used to kick me out before I left LA, and I noticed they didn’t seem to have any issue with my being there. Ha!
  • I haven’t been sketching since last summer, and I haven’t done any digital painting since around 2016-2017-ish?
  • When I was in Silicon Valley, I used to hang out with my buddy on weekends and we would go to places in the area and sketch, even though we both were categorized in technical capacities. I miss her! :(
  • So maybe in between all the other stuff I’m doing, during quarantine, I’ll find time to paint or do some digital sketching.
  • It’s a nice thing to do while listening to podcasts or if you just want to clear your head from work.

Here is my first sketch

  • I’m trying a small one in black and white first, and mayyybe I’ll move on to colour soon.

One more more

That’s it

Written on September 13, 2020