Thursday April 12th

Hasky Data Things

Back in the Lab today

  • I got in at 7, so I was able to take a nap, and ended up waking up 2 minutes before they opened up (at 8) :D
  • I have a phone interview today, also, in the PM.
  • I’m going to a Technical Interview Meetup today. I haven’t been to this Meetup before, but thought it may be worth a shot. I heard they go through Algorithms and stuff, and it’s language-agnostic (did someone say..Haskell?) :D
  • My friend also has a space with some extra desks, so I may wander over there next week. I don’t want to be spoiled, though; he told me he has some amazing wifi :D

Been learning about Datatypes and TypeClasses

  • Trying to wrap my head around that stuff.
  • Unlike other languages where you can kind of ignore the warnings, Haskell isn’t the best language to do that.
  • Today, I found out about the one that aborts your compilation if you haven’t accounted for exhaustive pattern-matching. Makes sense, actually.

So this sort of thing

  • You account for all cases of your definition

My data-type

It was something like

data Band = Singer
            | Drummer
            | Guitarist
            | Bassist
            | Groupie
            deriving Show
  • Aerosmith was one of my favourite (and still is) bands growing up. So why not be cute?
  • So I tried to compile and got this

  • Dangit! What’s the problem? Why don’t you just work!?
  • Oh wait….it is non-exhaustive.
  • So I added a fail-safe.

  • Groovy. Compile, man.
  • Oh no..not again! Today is just not my day, is it?

  • Yeah, had to be Joey. He’s always the one. I can fix that.

  • all worked out!

So…working through

  • Trying to understand typeclasses and all that. Hopefully I can start actually building more stuff, and I can blog about that.

Helped me

Written on April 12, 2018