Thursday April 26th

Neat Googs Haskell Hack and OPLSS!

First up..OPLSS!

  • Yes, I’m in! Officially going to OPLSS in July! :D


  • Thought since I’m a Haskellino and this happened to me about two years ago (when I searched for this specific Haskell term) and someone did a Java version, I’d do one for Haskell!

This is for if you’d like to try their programming challenges

  • Basically, if you’re a Haskellino and want to try Foo.Bar, Google’s recruitment challenge, but you want to do it the Haskell way…
  • Yes, of course you want to do it the Haskell way!

Open up a browser

  • I already have a from before, so I used incognito

Type in “Applicative Functor”

  • retrieve the first address for this Google search like shown below

Copy and Paste that result into a new tab.

  • Hover (or Click) the first link. If this doesn’t work, repeat the copy and paste into a new tab

Eventually, this comes up

Click “I want to play”

  • See, it opens up the browser window with applicative functor search. Yay Haskell!
  • You can see it sort of warped the image backwards, as my search term, “Applicative Functor”, is now tilted.

You have to log in using a gmail account

  • Then, you can start to solve the questions in either Java or Python
  • Wait..WHAT!? Did you just say Java or Python?


  • facepalm

Why this sucks

  • We would like to be able to solve this in Haskell!
  • I mean, since some persons claim it isn’t even used anymore for recruiting, why not add a few languages that tend to draw bright people who are passionate about programming?
  • OCaml, Racket, Haskell, Scala, Rust? I mean, it’s problem-solving, right? It just has to pass the test cases.
  • Plus, I can guarantee that if a person can solve them in these languages, you can teach them Java / Python
  • I mean, I was searching for “Applicative Functor”, after all. Why would I want to do your challenges in Java or Python?
  • Plus, to re-iterate…they’re potentially missing out on some bright candidates.
  • Some of my friends would probably write an interpreter that ports to Java or Python, and write it in PureScript or Racket.. haha. I’d hire those people!

But..what do I know..I’m just a student :D

  • /shrug/
  • to be clear, I do like the company and what they do, but I’m really just interested in Haskell at the moment. :D
  • so yeah…I probably won’t be doing that anytime soon..besides maybe looking at the questions, when I’m good enough in Haskell, and using them to practice solving things in Haskell :D (so on my own and not timed).

In other news…

  • I’ve been accepted for OPLSS!!
  • My room and board is being paid for (which includes meals)
  • I’m really excited!

And…BayHac is this weekend!

  • That’s all I have to say! I’m pretty excited about that, too! :D
Written on April 26, 2018