Thursday April 27th

4/27/17 - Beer Masters

Kata solved:

  • Greeting with name, time (in Python)
def greetings(time, name):
    // if either time or name is None, returns statement
    if (time == None) or (name == None):
        return "Hey dude greet someone"
        // returns "Good" + time + name
        return "Good {} {}".format(time, name) 
        //why am I writing JavaScript comments in Python? :)

Working on

  • Programming for Correctness

Weakest Proposition

h_2_004 h_2_005 h_2_006 h_2_007


h_3_001 h_3_002

Assignment to a Simple Variable


When the Struggle is Real

  • I couldn’t find this symbol (shown below -> specifically the subscripted “E”). The guy teaching refers to it as “Expression” but I couldn’t find it on Math Stack Exchange or in LaTeX documentation. So I tweeted and asked my Computational Mathematics friend about it. We’ll see.


Yup…this little guy here in the Subscript.

Solved it by using

${R}_{\mathpzc{E}}^{k}$ $>$


  • Got back from drinking with German scientists at JPL, and was informed that it is an old-school Math-Cal symbol. There is a library using Lucida Calligraphy that can duplicate it. See this conversation on Math Stack Exchange. Yay. Problem solved!


  • I attend the JPL German Club once a month. It’s really fun! It’s tonight, so looking forward to it.

  • I learned how to insert a therefore in LaTeX :) I enjoy hanging out with my mentor because he also deeply appreciates (and has been using for many years) LaTeX. I really enjoy using it and hope to get better at it and use it professionally as long as I can (or even just for fun).

Written on April 27, 2017