Thursday August 16th

Haskell Meetup and Rust training

Hello from Portland

  • I just finished the RustConf pre-conf training day. It was excellent, and I got home around 10:45pm.
  • I’m staying in the most amazing hotel! (I’ll post images at the end).

Haskell Meetup

  • I started going back to a Haskell meetup that is going through CIS194. We met on Tuesday evening. We’re on chapter 4, and we had a brief discussion on Parametric polymorphism.

  • It was really compelling to feel like I had a much better understanding when we were talking about our solutions and writing Haskell solutions. Things were a lot clearer for me, having spent the summer working on Haskell. However, I still have a long way to go!

Haskell Weekly

  • What do you know? Our GSoC articles and write-ups are in Haskell Weekly! So cool!

The next day

  • I took a flight to Portland. They upgraded me for my stay at this hotel, Eastlund, in Portland. I’m really enjoying my room, even though today I was mostly at training. I learned a lot. There is a lot of overlap between the Haskell and Rust communities. I also got to meet Steve, Ashley, Manish, Arshia, Aaron, Sarah, Boats and a bunch of people. I haven’t officially met Sergio yet, but that’s on my list, too! They’re all really nice!
  • I did the morning session, which was Intro to Rust (by Steve), and the afternoon, which was Thinking in Rust (by Nick Cameron aka nrc on github). It was all very hands-on, so we got to write code and fix type errors, etc. There are so many things I thought about today.

I got home and dropped my stuff off

  • After I dropped my laptops off, I went to this Facebook party. I met a lot of really interesting people. I met a lady who has been working in Haskell (remotely) for a year. I met people who were passionate about Nix. I met a guy at Fb and we spent pretty much forever just talking about some really interesting stuff he was working on. I can’t really talk about it explicitly, of course, but in terms of research, it was particularly fascinating, and ties into a lot of things I’m interested in. So that was just wonderful. He also knew a bunch of stuff Galois was working on, which was awesome to hear about, also. Rust compiling to C and other interesting projects. I was interested in the implementation and how they would catch bugs. I’d just love to spend 5 (or 7) years on learning to be really solid at proofs and finding bugs. That would be super, especially in Haskell! :D

I have to get up in the morning

  • I have a coding quiz to do, a meeting, the conference all day and another meeting…all happening tomorrow. Saturday is a hackathon at Mozilla, also.

I think that’s about it

  • Oh, here are some pics from my current room. It’s awesome! :D

## Bring..that..swank! :D

Written on August 16, 2018