Thursday February 8th

Super Busy

So I’m super busy!

What I’ve been up to

  • Doing coursework on my own on compilers (just this week, then back to Nanodegree)
  • Reading a bit of the paper I’m assigned (there are some exercises I have to work through, but also some fundamental concepts I am learning along the way). Particularly SKI calculus and Kleene algebra.
  • Coincidentally, I bought a book by Kleene on Mathematical Logic, so I will be going through that over summer.
  • Studying for an interview next week. I’m just going to do my best. The contact for the interview has been super professional (another large company!) and I’m being interviewed by two engineers back to back.
  • Watching the occasional Haskell stream really late at night (went to sleep at midnight because of this). I learn quite a bit, and it’s helping in terms of just reading code and seeing others debug, so it’s been really helpful.

Next week

  • Get back on the Nanodegree track
  • Keep studying for interview
  • I am meeting with some other ladies I met online who are into Data Science next Saturday. That should be fun.
  • I have sailing meeting with dinner. That will be a nice break, but it depends, since it’s the night before my interview so I may actually skip and opt for rest instead (and studying). We’ll see.

I’ve really been enjoying

  • The work on compilers. It’s seriously addictive. I tried to pull myself away, and keep popping in to learning more; it’s just so interesting! Particularly the methods for solving problems. I learned about the Pager’s Algorithm and Shunting yard Algorithm.
  • getting better at programming. It’s making more and more sense the more I stick to it, which is rewarding.

One last thing

  • I officially registered for my GRE test. It will be on May 12th, so once my Nanodegree is complete, I will be diving into that, while of course, taking my Discrete Structures and Programming Languages class. Game on!
Written on February 8, 2018