Thursday July 19th

GSoC Day 67

So I think the book is working

  • A while ago, Gabe suggested that I keep a book and write everything down, including questions to myself and things I don’t get. I’m definitely understanding things a lot more. Also, I’d like to get more comfortable changing functions to guards and using nested functions. This seems like it also hints at understanding lambda calculus better.

  • I did a fair amount of work on my own on higher order functions (HOFs), function composition and nested functions through Hbook and general reading up on my own.

  • The Pull request is now merged fully, after some edits, so it’s on to the next task, which is specifically making a slider that goes back in time. So theoretically the plan is to create two lists which are the reverse of each other; one storing future states and one storing past states. Depending on which direction you want to go, you move the states from one list to the next, popping as you go. I should draw this out. Maybe over the weekend, as I understand it.

  • Chris and I met a bit earlier today, so I’m going to take a nap and get up and work on some Haskell. I’m going to also start the new task this weekend. I also randomly moved up a floor near the end of work. Moving up in the world lol.

  • I saw some of the other contributions people did on CodeWorld and wow; they really took a chance on me LOL. There are Master’s students and stuff who were working on CodeWorld. I’m just learning, but I have a lot of enthusiasm for it, and think it’s a really great project. So I’m happy to have the opportunity this summer to work on it, as well as have two great mentors :)


  • I think that’s about it for now.
Written on July 19, 2018