Thursday July 26th

GSoC Day 74

Another day

  • I decided to stay in today, as I went to sleep around 2am and had some personal stuff to take care of with my landlord because of my neighbour’s friend’s mess (see previous post about flooding). So I decided to spend the day coding and I had an awesome day. I just enjoy coding all day long. It’s made me think about some things I hadn’t thought about before, so I may just have to work on those for the rest of the year.

  • I had to modify a pull request I’ve been working on for the last few days; that was an experience because it’s in a language I’m learning that’s very similar in many ways to Haskell, so it was funny, and I enjoyed doing it, while working remotely with a mentor halfway across the world. Eventually, it all worked and all the doc tests (44 of 44) passed. Whew! One was continously not passing, and my travis build was failing, and the maintainer had specific requests). What an adventure! :) Thankful for great mentors this summer!

Then, Haskell

  • I sat down in a cafe and just did Haskell all day. I worked through Hbook, chapter 11. Right now, I’m doing laundry as I have to pack for three days of sitting in someone’s home playing with their 120 lb German Shepherd (who has made an appearance on this blog :)) I really just plan on working on my final write-up and retrospect for GSoC, which my mentors spoke about with me (it’s to be submitted between the 6th and the 13th, but they advised me to start a draft asap.) We also plan on coding up to the end of GSoC, because it’s fun :)

FastForward and StartOver button

  • Today Chris made me laugh because he apparently uses a text editor he wrote many years ago for editing his code. I think that’s really awesome, because everyone has tried to convince me that I need to choose either Vim or Emacs. I used mostly Sublime this summer, but will try to learn Vim. However, I’d love to build my own editor, probably in Haskell (and I probably will!). I really think that’s so awesome!!

  • Today, we worked on the StartOver aka Restart button..but we already have a Restart button that does something else, so.. :) You can see it on the right hand side to the left of the historySlider .Its centre is on (0, -9)

  • And also, the fast-forward button, which is on (-4, -9), as seen on the coordinate plane, where the x is the value for the centre of the button.

  • One thing it does is tie to the range on the SpeedSlider, so we had to ensure that the values were fenced to reflect that with respect to the range of the fast forward button.

So that’s..pretty much it

  • I have a meeting tomorrow morning, which is right when I collect the keys to the place I’m house-sitting, so uh..we’ll see how it works out, and if I make it!
Written on July 26, 2018