Thursday June 14th

GSoc, RustReach Day 32

I’m writing this on Friday AM

  • I was wiped out yesterday. I’m currently building CodeWorld and checking some functions I’m adding.
  • I also just booked a ticket (flight) to Utah for Racket School, for which I’ll be reimbursed.
  • I also discovered installation instructions for my PLDI workshop next week..which has elements of C++ in it. Good times!
  • I basically got a scholarship to their mentorship workshop, so I’ll be doing that on Tuesday next week in Philly. Yay. My programme just type-checked!
  • A coworker told me yesterday “you know, you do too much”. I’ve never really thought about all. In my mind, I’m always just trying to do the best I can and taking advantage of opportunities and trying to help people.
  • If I can make a community better off than when I joined it, why not?

Open Source aka HOSS

  • Oh, decided I’m going to build up a repo over time for people who want to take part in Open Source specifically in Haskell. I called it HOSS for now.
  • As someone relatively new to the Haskell eco-system, one of the things I really would like is a list of open source projects. Also, a relative time-frame for how quickly maintainers get back to persons (a response..even “I’m busy right now, but I’ll check this out within the coming week”) and a friendliness rating for newbs. It would help a lot! I mean, I don’t have to do it, and if someone else does, that’s cool, too. But just as someone in that exact position, it’s something I want and would see value in others wanting, too.
  • Bear in mind I’m a beginner, so over time I may need help, but hey, what if this becomes an open source project for me, too? :D
  • I’d really love to share the opportunity for other people to get involved and learn Haskell, and commit more to open source.
  • Hold build just completed.

Right now

  • For GSoC, I’m continuing to make functions so I can see data print out when someone draws their images to the screen, that helps them analyze what just happened (ie a Visual Debugger). Doing the raw work, and then hopefully by next week I can start to tweak it and make it look better.
  • I also need to figure out what exactly I’d like to work on for my Rust pull request. That’s this weekend I need to at least explore and look for something I’d be interested in working on.

I’ve been doing Haskell at work

  • Well, I shouldn’t, but hear me out. One of my internships is a testing automation one, and right now I’m on the manual part, and I’m bored to tears. However, doing learning Haskell (particularly type-checking) not only makes it less boring, but helps me make better tests. Apparently I’m also super thorough; my supervisor’s face was in shock after I handed in the first assignment. Because I’ve been checking against the GHC compiler and it makes me think, I think it makes me better at the whole testing thing, too. There is one guy who legit told me he just flew through everything, passed everything without really testing. Uh. No. Haskell makes everything fun!
  • As a budding developer, I’d like to know all the ways my code can break, so this stuff is important to me, too.

Things upcoming

  • I have a race this afternoon. Yeah. On a boat.
  • I’ll be doing Haskell in the morning
  • I’ll be doing Rust Saturday and installing that VM stuff
  • I’ll be doing Haskell Sunday
  • In between, I’ll continue to build HOSS
  • I also have a meeting at 9 with the Mozilla peeps. :D

That’s as I can remember.

Written on June 14, 2018