Thursday June 1st

Happy 1st! (Dr. Charles Elachi photo-op and JPL documentary)


  • I’m going to this talk tonight at JPL, at Von Karman. The speaker is particularly inspiring to me. He’s a Lebanese Immigrant who came from a small village and became a rocket scientist at JPL, heading missions like the Curiosity Rover, etc.

  • His name is Charles Elachi, and he retired last year from JPL as director. You can find the article about his journey here.


  • I got a picture with Charles Elachi! He has an asteroid named after him! I also got caught in the middle of an interview with my mentor, who works at JPL, and his brother, who also worked there. A really nice journalist, Govindina (or Tiger), is interviewing engineers at JPL, which I think is a really great idea! There are so many great stories that are not told because the media focuses on astronauts.

    Here is my photo with Dr. Elachi. He is so nice, and really smart, and has a great sense of humour. It made me sad that I won’t be working under him, since he retired already, if I intern at JPL, but I’m happy to get a chance to be part of that legacy. It was really a wonderful evening!

    Note the LambdaConf tshirt hehe. That was deliberate :)



I’m attending the Coding for Product Workshop!

  • I just have to do the exercise and fill out the application, but the person leading the workshop wants me to attend. So I’m determined to complete the application by the end of this weekend, and fingers-crossed, I’ll have a spot in mid-June :) I’m excited to learn and be a part of the project

I’m starting my June UnBootcamp workshop!

  • I got some great feedback, and will be implementing that tomorrow during the day, and possibly in the evening.

I completed the Programming for Correctness class!

  • I’m currently auditing, but it may be worthwhile for me, since I got 100 percent, to just get the certificate. I have until July 14th(??) to decide. I’ll probably get it by July 1st. It’s a great class to learn predicate logic, and how it relates to programming.



  • I got the certificate! It’s verified. I guess maybe that doesn’t mean much, except that I really liked this class :) Seriously, it helped me a lot. I’d like to do something similar for learning Coq, later on this year, on my own.


  • I wasn’t able to complete the notes in LaTeX, but maybe if I have time in the future, I will! I’ll continue to write mathematical notation in LaTeX, though. It’s so clean and useful, and helps me in learning about and remembering mathematical notation, which ties into functional programming and category theory, too. Plus, it’s just so nice-looking :)

I have to finish one more lab

  • My notes are written for my exam, so I just have to finish the lab in C++. Pretty much, after that mini-exam this upcoming Tuesday, I study for my final exam, which is on the 13th, and then I’m done.

Project Euler back again…Question 20

  • I solved a problem from Project Euler. Pretty easy. You find 100! and then make it a string and sum the digits.

    def factorial(n):
    total = 1
    total1 = 0
    for i in range(1, 100):
      total = total * i 
    d = str(total)
    for i in d:
      total1 = total1 + int(i) 
    print total1
    # Produces 648.

Found a neat new FP group based in OC.


  • Found out the next POPL will be in Los Angeles for 2018

  • Hope I can attend that!

Spent the afternoon

  • Reading up on Co-Monads. I got to Bartosz’s lectures again. I should just start going through his lectures. I’m also looking at Spivak’s book. It’s up there on my Wishlist. It’s called “Category Theory for the Sciences”. You can find an old version here.
Written on June 1, 2017