Thursday June 22nd

Values, Spinnaker and Tensorflow

Why I’m doing this

  • I attended an event tonight and I didn’t enjoy it much. I couldn’t wait to leave, even though they were looking for technical talent. It just wasn’t a fit for me. I sort of left depressed, and frustrated. I just wanted to go home to code alone LOL.

I’m not going to bash the company on here

  • It’s probably a great company. Just not for me.

So…I’m making a list of my values

  • This will serve as a dream list of values… things that mean a lot to me in my search

Here goes…bucket list alert :)

  • Open Source commitment (the company is open to a community that is passionate about and endorses open-source)

  • Peers : No one is better than another in terms of attitude. If they are (say, distinguished in the community), they’re open to sharing what they know if you’re willing to learn. Sort of like my Functional Slack. There are some really well known, highly regarded persons on there, but you’d never know. It’s just a fun, open community of people committed to learning, who are interested in the same things/ technology/ languages (ie functional programming, mathematics, etc).

  • Challenging (push yourself here. At JPL the saying is “they give you enough rope to hang yourself”).

  • Training or Self-Training culture (people want to be better)

  • Keeps up with technology (nuff said)

  • An Engineering Company. This is HUGE for me. I think I’d best enjoy working for an engineering company. That is, the people who work in it are passionate about technology and making. They spend their spare time building RC planes, hacking things together, making robots and lock-picking.

  • Innovation Encouraged (rewarded and encouraged). Go build something!

  • Bonus opportunity to learn functional programming May have an internal meetup with Category Theory or something like that.

  • Bonus culture of playfulness and fun. Witty and fun, these people are both humble but incredibly smart, with an incredible wit.

To be fair….

  • This company (I’ve heard) does (or did) have a Category Theory group. Oh well..maybe there is someone perfect out there for them!

And that’s it…

  • That’s my bucket list! Hope you had fun reading it. As I think of more, I’ll edit it or amend as need be.

  • Maybe I’m being idealistic, but in my experience, when you write it down, that’s a pretty good sign that you’ll get it :)


  • Here are some Tensorflow notes I made, while watching three videos, and reading Andrej Karpathy’s blog.

  • I may have mentioned, I’m doing a Tensorflow workshop (OSS) in September. I’m also going to training in mid-July for Cloud.

Why you? Why Tensorflow?

  • I don’t know. Tensorflow is this thing I keep coming back to… time and again. I’d like to learn it. I’d like to learn Tensor Calculus. It’s also appealing because it seems to use all the things I’m interested in (Python, C++), too.

Spinnaker and Tensorflow

  • I was also reading up on Spinnaker today. I wasn’t able to make Next17, but now, I’m a bit sad I didn’t go up there. Maybe next year, I’ll get to go. Thankfully, there were recordings. I’d also be thrilled to make a Tensorflow event, even if it’s a Livestream from a Tensorflow community.

    I first heard about Spinnaker at Netflix. Some of it is still a bit unclear to me, but it’s also really interesting! The views are so low for the stuff I watch..haha. Oh well..doesn’t matter.

  • I have this deep feeling of alienation when I come back from some of these conferences because I learn all these things and some of them are in my head, but outside of the group that works with the technology or is aware of it, I really don’t know who to talk to. It also keeps bringing me back to the Bay area/ Functional programming/ Mathematics groups. We have a kindred existence that ignites when we meet again, all excited to talk about things we’re passionate about. Thank you, Functional Slack, BayHac, and everyone within the tech community who has encouraged me and supported me to just keep going, even when I feel misunderstood and awkward. And thank you, Internet! :)


Written on June 22, 2017