Thursday March 8th

Little Puzzles with Haskell

Tried reworking some of my CodeWars puzzles

String Repeat

  • This was one to repeat a string given a char and number of times it is to be repeated

Negative or Not (Some may be already)

  • This is one to make a number negative if it isn’t or otherwise leave it

Remove first and Last

  • This was one to remove the head and last element of a list. In Python, you’d do this by slicing.
  • In Haskell, I did this by using drop and take. Drop the 1st element lazily after the string is taken except the last element.

Alternative Solution

  • Check out this solution, though. Drop the first. Reverse, drop the first (which is the last) and then reverse again. Woah! Sick!


  • On page 134 of Haskellbook. I’m quite enjoying it.
  • I also formatted my Statement of Purpose a bit.
  • I spoke to my mentor, who is psyched about my Fortran assignment :D He wanted to know if I could us Fortran 2008 instead of 77 :D

Doing Haskell

  • Doing Haskell daily makes you ten times more excited to go to BayHac and those kinds of events. I mean, I’m always happy to hang out with Haskellinos, but now I’m kind of ecstatic. I’m excited to see how my mind has changed since last year, and to learn more.
  • Oh, I’m voluteering tomorrow at SCALE
  • Doing my Fortran assignment over the next few days
  • Going to Google’s Int’l Women’s Day event on Saturday
  • I also volunteered to help on a committee (tech related). I’m always excited to give back.

Update on my Skype Interview

  • Really, really thorough. It was about at least four hours. I got great insight into PL Research and what I would need to strengthen my application. Specifically, I’ve been advised to just apply to a PhD Program.
  • It helped a lot in strengthening my application and I have four pages of notes of insights I got that were really, really valuable. I can’t thank this particular computer scientist enough. It really meant a lot.

That’s about it!

Written on March 8, 2018