Thursday May 11th

5/11/17 - Pressing On and Great News! (Strange Loop & LambdaConf grants!)

First up, Good News!

  • It’s been a dream of mine for a few years now to attend both LambdaConf and Strange Loop. But I never imagined I’d attend both in the same year. Wut? I’m so grateful, I almost started crying this morning. But I emailed my mom instead. The tech community has been so incredibly supportive of me. I could not be more grateful. Thank you for everything, (whoever you are, dear reader :). It means a lot.

  • I’ve also never been to either Boulder or St. Louis, so…yeah. I have no idea what to expect. These two years have been the most amazing of my life, I love programming and the tech community, and I couldn’t be more thankful or happier.

Kata Solved:

You have -> Two players “black” and “white”. Move “black” -> Move “white” typically. If a player wins a round, he moves again in a new round. If a player loses a round, the other player moves next round. Determine whose turn it is for the next round.

My solution

def whoseMove(lastPlayer, win):
      if win == True:
        if lastPlayer == 'black':
          return 'black'
          return 'white'
        if lastPlayer == 'white':
          return 'black'
          return 'white'


  • I started on some LaTeX, but am not happy with the result. Particularly, I’m getting into fractions and matrices formatting. So I’m putting it down today and will try again tomorrow. It’s getting a little hairy. Good to step away and rethink.

Things to get done

  • Quiz C++ (will be done 5/12/17 pm)
  • Lab 6 (due 5/15..plan to get it done over the weekend so 5/12 to 5/15)
  • Homework 7 (due 5/18..plan to get it done during the week before Wed, or else I’ll hand it in 5/22 :()
  • Board (due 5/22…mmm..we’ll see. I can work on this remotely)

Interesting in learning about

  • Compilers and Tombstone Diagrams
  • Noether. My mentor mentioned her tonight, and as I was looking it up, I realized I had seen a Google Tech Talk that mentioned her contributions.
  • Affine
  • Orthogonal vs Orthonormal -> Orthogonal has ax + b form, so there is a scalar constant, while Orthonormal has an inverse without constant scalar. At least that’s what I understand of it.
  • Christoffel symbols, which a teacher at Caltech dubbed “Christ awful” symbols LOL.
  • Torricelli point

  • As you can tell…we were talking about vectors and matrices tonight, and even some tensors.

  • I also got help with my LaTeX. My mentor said to think of using arrays instead for my notation. Interesting.


Written on May 11, 2017