Thursday May 24th

GSoC and RustReach Day 11

Today is the FIRST day I was well-rested the night before!

  • I got up really refreshed this morning, but with a dog staring in my face, wagging her tail in my face (that’s code for “I need a butt-rub”)
  • We had a food truck at work; it was a seafood taco-one, with lobster burritos and stuff. I didn’t opt for any of that, but still cool!
  • I’ve also been told the snack people come by tomorrow! :D

It’s been interesting

  • I’m learning about testing and automation at my local internship, and doing two remotely that require more coding and development. So it’s a really great perspective to be in as a new programmer interning.

I got my new laptop!

  • I have to wipe the OS and put Linux on it! :D
  • I’m so excited! Yes, there will be a Haskell/ Rust sticker on there. I think I even still have Rust ones. Also, JPL Open house is coming up, so I can get some NASA stuff on there, too! :D


  • I wasn’t able to get around to that today, but will put in some time tomorrow. I’m on Chapter 11 still!


  • I’m working on the Blank Constructor, and after that, will work on the Rectangle one
  • Also, this weekend, I’ll work on the Medium post :D

May Day Convoluted

  • I plan to attend this PureScript/ Haskell event that is sort of category-theory related and has my Haskellino group, but has the PM for “hacking” in FP and talking about it. So I’m going to go to this to learn and work on my projects in Haskell and Rust.

Back to coding!

Written on May 24, 2018