Thursday May 4th

5/4/17 - Cassini and May the 4th…be with you.


  • I’m at home today, so working through my logic course.

  • Tonight, I’m going to see a lecture on Cassini at JPL.

  • This weekend, I hope to get my C++ work done


h_9_001 h_9_002 h_9_003 h_9_004 h_9_005 h_9_006

We used this correctness approach to find the solution bit by bit of a function in Matlab, that evaluates Polynomials. I want to go over this chapter on my own again, if I have time.

Note: The fonts are different because I’m using an Online version of LaTeX with a small monitor.


  • This is from the talk tonight. It was the Cassini mission, and it was awesome! This is actually Juno Spacecraft (a model), to 1/5 scale. These are the largest solar panels…because Jupiter is HUGE.


  • I also found out randomly today (by accident) that my friends are really good friends of Sagan. So awesome!


I watched a really interesting lecture on Asteroid Mining last night. The link is here. Courtesy the Computer History Museum, one of my favourite places! Sorry if it sounds like I’m pimping this place in every post, but I really love this place!


  • Video is here. If you scrub to 46:01 to 47 or so, you can see my friend and mentor asking a question. Warning: you can kind of tell he works there lol nerd alert.
Written on May 4, 2017