Thursday October 12th

  • First up…I received a Grant courtesy 8th Light to attend the SCNA, which is a software conference that focuses on Craftsmanship. It is a one-day conference of talks, and on the second day, we have a day of a code! I’m really excited and feel quite fortunate to be a part of this event this year!

  • I’ll be sure to document my experience of the event, and of course, my progress/ learning!

WSA - Santa Monica Bay chapter

  • So..we were featured in WSA (Women’s Sailing Association)’s magazine for the past race!

  • Here I am; photos courtesy WSA

  • And here is a photo of us on the boat, holding signs that say “I love WSA”! You can see me holding the heart emoji :P

  • It’s a really great group; I’m part of the Santa Monica Bay chapter, that usually sails outside of Marina Del Rey.


  • I am meeting with my JPL-mentor this evening (update this was wonderful. We ate dumplings, listened to Jazz and talked about radioisotopes, and then I received the ACM Sigplan 1992 Haskell Documentation, with some Fortran scribbled on the back of some pages!) :)
  • Tomorrow, I pack for a day-trip to San Jose, where I’ll be attending a Data Science event at Paypal.
  • I’m also finishing up my Nanodegree, which should be done in the next week and a half. I may actually do both the back-end and Data Science projects. I may choose to do the Back-end for Nov (1st), and the Data Science by mid-Dec deadline. We’ll see. I realized they’re teaching SQL and Vagrant, so I’m hopping right into that. I am having a bit of an issue with vagrant on one machine, but the other one should be better (hopefully will be all set up by end of this weekend).
  • Going on a day-sail on Sunday
  • Working with my classmate on a C++ midterm project
  • Oh, and this upcoming Wednesday is my Midterm exam
  • I’m hoping that once my Nanodegree is completed, I can just focus on C++, and do some Haskell and PureScript (continue)
  • Also, learn a bit of Excel (just the function-related parts)

Apple Valley

  • My friend also invited me to an Apple Valley event. If it’s fun, I’ll post a couple pics :)
  • There is talk again of a Category Theory group. If it goes through, I’ll def be up for that!
  • I’m enjoying C++ class, as well as learning new languages like PureScript. I’m thinking of taking Concepts of Programming Languages next semester, in lieu of Discrete Structures. We’ll see.


  • use heron’s formula to find area of triangle given a, b, c
def heron(a, b, c):
    import math
    s = (a + b + c) / 2 
    area = (s * ((s - a) * (s - b) * (s - c)))
    return math.sqrt(area)
Written on October 12, 2017