Tuesday April 10th

The Best Times!

I’m really sorry

  • But this is the best title! This is exactly how I feel!
  • I’m having the time of my life just writing and learning Haskell all day.
  • If I could do this for the rest of my life, I’d be pretty happy (cue Haskell sugar daddy)(just kidding!)
  • I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I’m seriously HAPPY every day and excited to come to the lab and just code for 8 or 9 hours straight, with my headphones on, and a flask of tea that lasts me all day. I also started packing a sandwich, which works when my stomach starts grumbling for a morsel of bread.

But seriously

  • Today I came in to the School library at 8am (I actually got in at 7 and slept for an hour, because they open at 8), and this guy asked me how long I was going to be there because he was briefly stepping away, and I said “until 5pm”. He was in shock. But yup. Time just goes by learning Haskell. I can’t even explain it! It’s like chatting with a good friend…who yells at you and curses at you for making mistakes! :D
  • Last Friday, I came in at 8 and left at 7…time just flew by. And so, I ended up coming back on Saturday and working on Haskell, too.
  • I hope I can get good at Haskell one day, but meanwhile, I’m really enjoying the journey.
  • I think week after next, I have Spring Break, so I’ll have to find another place for that week, if the campus is closed. Probably a library or something, or a cafe. Somewhere that is quiet but has people doing stuff (cough I guess not LA then HAHA)


  • I’ve heard back from a few companies, so I’m doing some coding tests and technical screening calls.
  • Yes, I’ve gotten some rejections, too, but I don’t focus on that. It’s an experience and I keep learning.
  • I’ve also gotten better at reaching out for help. I used to be sort of afraid before. But it’s really, really worth it. I’ve learned a lot.
  • This has given me so much hope that I can become a developer! That’s so cool! :D
  • Cool because it was never something I really thought about. I just tried writing code and I love it. Kinda neat.
  • Maybe…just maybe…I can write Haskell for a living and for food, too! (and not for dog food) :D
  • Haskell all day, errr day! :D


  • I’m going to a PureScript meetup tonight.
  • So I’ll post notes of things I’ve learned.

PureScript notes…

Written on April 10, 2018