Tuesday July 11th

Moving on

  • I discovered LambdaCast, and have been listening to this wonderful podcast.

  • Right now (as we speak), I’m on Immutability.

  • When I’m done with that, I’m going to the Type Theory one :)

Plans moving forward

  • I was supposed to attend this Meetup last night that was focused on data, but I got there and didn’t feel welcome, so I left. The saddest part is that it was specifically geared towards women engineers. It just goes to show that inclusion isn’t just about gender.

  • I’m actually in a lot of Meetup groups that tend to be majority-male, and I’ve never really felt excluded. It was always just a fit, in terms of personality and what we were interested in, so the rest of our differences really didn’t matter. Maybe I’m just an optimist :)

Coding for Product

  • I have to write an accumulator function. Shouldn’t be too bad. Meanwhile, we have to set up our database (probably POSTGRES; we switched from Mongo), but the UI is mostly finished.


  • I’m still ahead, but working on one problem I really want to solve. I’m still more than a month ahead of the deadline (about 5-6 weeks ahead), so…


  • Yes, I am going sailing: both this Saturday and next Sunday (we have one Sunday off). I may also be doing a three-day weekend of sailing to Catalina Island.

  • It’s pretty much part of who I am right now. I look forward to it and hope to continue for the rest of my life.

Upcoming stuff

  • I’m going to SF this Thursday for training, and then have another event at the end of the month, again in SF. So Twice a month. And then a few days later, going to Vegas for DEF CON (woohoo!)

Things I stumbled upon that I’d like to learn a bit about:

Reading recommendations:

Yes, I’m a two-year old

Written on July 11, 2017