Tuesday June 12th

GSoC, RustReach Day 30 and the Slog

Nope, this isn’t S-log.

  • Blast from the past and codecs, this is not.
  • I’m actually writing this at 2 in the morning because I’ve had a looong day. I definitely don’t want to relive it, that’s for sure.


  • I was able to test a few functions to work and they do overlap nicely on the UI. I would like to talk about it with my mentors today.
  • I did training on Git at work today, too. That was fun. I use Git every day, but it’s always great to see how other people use Git; each shop is different.

So I’d like to know

  • Why it isn’t the case that females can just code in the FP community. It seems they all inevitably get wrapped up in some drama or some unfortunate event. It’s really quite sad. One thing I wanted for the girl who attended her first LambdaConf is to have a good experience. And she did, and I’m grateful. It was important to me.
  • I want people like myself to have a good experience. I’m not one to say that we should just flood the field with people who look like me; I honestly think that people can make up their own minds (that’s my point of view), but if someone has a genuine interest, there shouldn’t be this barricade that currently exists where these people sour and don’t want to come back to the community. A friend of mine has a post when she was really starting to get into Haskell that basically says that she doesn’t think she belongs in this community. And that’s sad because she’s added (single-handedly, I might add) SO MUCH to the community. I should thank her for everything, again.
  • I had a particularly bad experience (well, a few times), and in one experience, she went out of her way to invite me to a group of positive people. However, my friends are in the general Haskell community, and some really interesting projects are also in the general community, so I can’t hide and I can’t isolate myself. That wouldn’t be the smartest career move, either. I have to find a balance in gritting my teeth (which is very difficult for Caribbean people to do lol) and getting the experience and limiting my interaction with toxic people or being the Haskell-wallflower. But that’s difficult because no one looks like me so I become an easy target. How did I even end up in this community? Did I get lost and end up learning Haskell?
  • Maybe in some alternate universe, I was learning Go or something..and I got lost in Haskell-land.


  • I have things to do and I have to technically get up in four hours to head to work

Things to do

  • Work on Haskell
  • Work on Rust
  • Write blog post

I have two opportunities

  • that will help me to continue to learn Haskell. So we’ll see.
  • I’m going to try to continue to find a way. I do dream of Haskell. I want to get better at it.

That’s all I can say for now.

  • This post is like Mr. Roboto. Sorry. Just have a lot on my mind.
Written on June 12, 2018