Tuesday June 26th

GSoC and RustReach Day 44

It is actually 1 on Wednesday

  • However, let’s pretend it’s Tuesday :D
  • I set my alarm for 9:30pm, going to take a nap for 7:30pm, but I decided it would be more worthwhile to take a nap until 1 instead. This meant shuffling around my schedule, but thankfully, because of the holiday next week (for which I’ll be paid yayee) it’s possible. Once I get over the hump of today, my schedule is usually 5x as free (thankfully).
  • It’s the middle of the week (almost, it’s Tuesday, remember :D) and if I don’t take care of myself, things can go downhill quickly. And then I’ll just be exhausted every day. And that’s not good.

Why stress yourself out doing so much work?

  • It’s good practice for a PhD (haha..not really the reason).
  • Not knowing how the next few months will be (since life comes in cycles), I’d like to not just rely on GSoC. I hate being at barebones funds, because that’s stressful, and LA is what it is, so I have to be prepared for any unexpected things that may come up along the way and not just depend on one source. If I were to just sit on my butt and let GSoC roll, after that money (which I have to put in the hours for) is done, that’s it. So I made up my mind to have a plan for it and have it work for me instead (ie not just blow it on something stupid like spend all of it in a huge ramen party and invite a bunch of friends over…hmm..what an idea!).
  • Oh, btw, I also got an invitation to dog-sit for two days in July, ten to fourteen in August and about two to four in September. So yeah, I’ll be doing that.
  • I also have two sets of reimbursements to do for two events for which I was funded. So that’s in the works, and the people are efficient, so cool beans.

So it looks like

  • I should be able to spend Friday on Rust most of the day, with the evenings for Haskell, and same with Saturday. Sunday will be Haskell-day, as will be the 4th. Last year for July 4th, I was on a boat, but I really would prefer to be on my own and just getting work done.
  • Right now, a lot of the other stuff is sort of a waste of time for me, unless it’s say, PhD related (ie I was funded for a workshop that improves my skill-set or helps me understand programming languages better).

They’ve offered me more hours at my local internship

  • We’re working on this live project, but the pace isn’t that fast, so I was able to do some work on records, data, type and newtype yesterday. Trying to understand that better. I also had my first real interaction with the ListMonad and Category, and came across :!:, which Gabe informed me I could look up on Hayoo. Yeah, I’ve never had to interact with Hayoo before, so we’ll see how that goes.

Some days

  • Some days I get a lot more “noise” than others, in that it seems like a lot of people are contacting me. Today was such a day, which meant getting back to people (recruiters, etc). I’ve been finding my schedule Monday through Thursday (well, I usually finish work by 1pm on Thursdays) is get up at 4:40am, get to work by 6:30am, catch the 3:51pm bus and sometimes have a meeting (ie Mon/Wed) at 7pm (getting home by around 6pm), and then working after that. So it can be a nasty turn-around depending. I’ve been finding myself napping on the way to work, but practically snoring on the way back home. Those naps are super worth it, though, so I’m ready to do a meeting by the time I get home.

The sailing is super important

  • Because it’s a respite from spending all my time in front of a computer. And it’s physical. So good on me for doing that, even though I really just did it because I like sailing (particularly racing).


  • I think that’s about it for now. This week is pretty hectic for me, so trying to keep the pace with Haskell and devote my free day to Rust, while just getting work done in both areas. Get that hustle on. :D
Written on June 26, 2018