Tuesday June 27th

Initial Mock-Up ideas & PureScript Type System Haskell Meetup

So, just started my Coding for Product class

  • Basically, we decided on making an application that works with local businesses to give riders rewards based on Metro usage. They can gain points, etc, which can be cashed in at affiliate businesses.


  • First thing we did was have a list of ideas. We narrowed it down to three and then picked one, based on the APIs we have to implement (given our time-frame).


  • We then made a repo for our project, called metro_rewards


  • We made a bunch of issues

Issues so far

  • App Name/ Product Name (still working on that)

  • Persona : Who is our client

  • We found (using research) a client who is about 32 years old, male, and takes the bus / train already. He makes about 30 to 40K a year and likes video games and tech.

  • He also likes beer and pizza (which would tie into the types of rewards we offer

Affiliate Businesses

  • Are they local?

  • Local businesses are more likely to give just a discount, vs completely free products

  • For Beer, we have micro-breweries, like Golden Road

I did a mock-up

  • Just to test a scenario and get a feel for what designing the layout might be



  • I tried to use the existing colour scheme of Metro

A kata

  • Solved this one today : Pythagorean Triplets
import math
def pythagorean_triple(integers):
    a = integers[0]
    b = integers[1]
    c = integers[2]
    a1 = math.pow(a, 2)
    b1 = math.pow(b, 2)
    c1 = math.pow(c, 2)
    if ((c > a) and (c > b) and (a > 0) and (b > 0) and (c > 0)) and (a1 + b1 == c1):
      return True
      return False


  • Tonight is Haskell group..but we’re doing Purescript! Woot Woot!! :)


  • Slides are here

  • Video is here. It’s called “PureScript’s Typesystem”.

  • I hadn’t heard of skolemization or subsumption before. Very interesting talk. I also need to re-watch it in a year and see if more starts to click. I really enjoyed hearing about the ways of checking types, and seeing some terms that were familiar, both from LambdaConf and from my Programming for Correctness course. That being said, I still have a lot to learn.

  • I’d be thrilled to continue in this vein. Strangely, I looked at my LinkedIn profile logged out, (I thought maybe I’d see ‘People who viewed your profile also viewed’ Web Developer blah blah profiles)…. and people seem to link me with either Machine Learning people, Mathematician / Software people or Mass Spectrometry Individuals. That’s pretty hilarious, LinkedIn people! :)

Written on June 27, 2017