Tuesday May 15th

GSoC Day 2, RustReach Day 2

It’s day two

  • It’s Day two of Google Summer of Code and RustReach. I’m at home today, so I started around 9am and was able to get some code pushed up and a pull request in and get the code merged. I feel really great and am excited to get the next project to work on.
  • It looks like I’ll be splitting a constructor into two parts. I got it to work, but will probably submit that later this evening. I’m still not super-comfortable with git, so I tend to triple-check everything. I’m paranoid about git, even though in the back of my head I know everything is changeable.
  • In the middle of that, I’m also working through the Rust book. I’m currently on Chapter 2, and headed towards Chapter 3. So far, so good. I’m probably going to try a little Rust project this week.
  • I have to find some time to work on my Ada project. The good thing about being at home is that I don’t spend time commuting. I had originally planned to be at school today, but it’s better to be at home because I save money from not using the bus, and don’t spend money unless it’s deliberate. It’s also helped me a lot to put my working laptops away from my bedside, and in a separate room, so that’s my working room.
  • I’ve put my laptops in the kitchen area, so my electric kettle is not far away, as I tend to drink a fair amount of tea while I’m working. I usually also have KUSC on, which plays classical music all day in the background, even though I also listen to talk radio and EDM on YouTube. I’m pretty happy with music in the background (headphones or otherwise) all day while working.

I’m happy to say

  • That I love both of my projects, both of my teams, and both of the languages I’m working on. I’m legitimately happy to get up each morning and learn new things and try to solve the problems.


  • My ticket / lanyard arrived in the mail today. That’s really exciting! The functional programming community has inspired me so much. They really keep me going. I’m excited to catch up with them and learn new things. Most of them are way above me in terms of competence, but it’s been really great for me, because they keep inspiring me to strive for better, which I think is ideal. I couldn’t be happier.
Written on May 15, 2018