Tuesday May 22nd

GSoC and RustReach Day 9…

And First day onsite for my part-time gig

  • I’m cheating a bit because I actually am writing this on Wednesday at 2am.
  • I’m house-sitting, and dog-sitting, and unfortunately, my Internet was dropping out at 11pm last night, in the midst of type-errors, and then I got a merge-conflict, so in sum a lot of things were frustrating. I would push and my internet would just drop out on my ubuntu laptop, which is awesome. And then, I had to deal with the merge conflict. Sigh.
  • But it’s OK. I guess some days are like that. I’m dealing with data types and I’m not quite sure how these particular ones, as well as dealing with eta reduction. Since all of those things are kind of new…. FUN TIMES! :D
  • Throw into the mix a 120 lb German Shepherd loudly snoring in the background instead of helping you resolve types, waking up only if you rub her belly.

I started my first day at my part time gig

  • They are surprisingly really really flexible about hours. So it looks like I can totally have Mondays off, as well as weekends. Also, I can be done by 4 or 4:30pm on days I do come in. They even said if I wanted to, I could come in on weekends to get my hours. So that’s really great. Also, the IT departments have nerf-gun wars. I’m definitely going to die first. I don’t even have a nerf-gun yet.

The commute to this house

  • The commute to this house is pretty terrible now, but it’s actually really decent from where I usually live. Thankfully, this whole house-sitting thing is just for two nights. I really want my internet back. Also, my internet is wayyyyyyy better. But I have a rent-a-dog. Trade-offs. :D

I wasn’t able to get into Rust

  • But I am heading out early in the morning, which means I can leave early in the day, and have time for a nap and for a good chunk of work and my meeting the evenings. So there’s a chunk of time.

That’s about it…

Written on May 22, 2018