Wednesday April 19th

4/19/17 - Summa Time

Kata solved:

Say hello JS-style

var say = function(string1) {
  return function(say){
    return string1 + ' ' + say;
// returns 'Hello World!; -> was in format function x()(){}


  • Booked a flight to SFO for Google IO today. So relieving because I was planning on taking an 8 to 11 hour bus up there. I know that sounds pretty crazy to a lot of people, but I guess it’s not a big deal to me… maybe because I’m not from the US, I think about it as a road-trip.

    Google IO

This was from last year’s IO. They had a huge Space Invaders game. My mom was just confused by my photos from that event. :)

One of my friends just said casually ….

         <"Oh, so it's like Burning Man for devs".> 

Google IO

Hmm..good description :)

Google IO_1

  • The only thing that made the situation a bit hairy is that I have class on Tuesday night that I definitely cannot miss (the subject matter is too important) and I got into JPL’s Open House on Saturday morning. So I have a narrow window of time. So a flight is best this time.

I really enjoy the bus trip generally because of the people I meet, the scenery, and just amusement in general. It’s a stark contrast to the general tech community, which can be a bit of a bubble, although a bubble is nice, sometimes, too. I will say, they treat us really, really well at the tech conferences. I can see how after a while, people have come to expect certain things out of them, but I never expect anything except good presentations and to meet good people and to strengthen my understanding / knowledge.

Last year, I met a really cool game developer named Robin Hunicke, who invited me to test out a few of some games she was working on in their San Francisco office with various devices.

She spoke at IO in 2016. Her company is Funomena. That was really fun!

Things to get done:

  • Getting started on Homework assignment 6 for C++ today. This is due on the 23rd, the day before my Midterm.

  • If I have time, I’ll work on my logic course, but we’ll see.

  • I also need to rest. Stil have a cough, but getting better.

Homework done

  • This is from my Logic class

latex1 latex2 latex3 latex4 latex5 latex6 latex7


Written on April 19, 2017