Wednesday August 16th

Fun Day at Googs LA!

I left at 5am

  • Took a train and two buses to Googs LA. However, I was early, and met up with a guy who works for LA city as an Applications developer. We had breakfast together and he gave me some good information about opportunities coming up, and about his experience working for the city.

Then we went over to Googs.

  • Their curriculum improved 1000%. It was more technical, more focused, and definitely more for engineers, which was great.

I got there early…

  • so I got a present! A collectible. Probably goes to my parents or my brother.

  • I’m trying to keep the amount of “stuff” I have to a minimum. But boy is he cute! :)

Look who I ran into!!

  • It’s Freddy!!! Wut? Yes, the lovable dog at Googs! If you ever see him, be sure to say hi! He was so happy to see me, he licked my face! :)

A Whack a Mole-demo

  • Engineer Anthony showed us an application he made to show Kubernetes and a whack a mole scenario.

  • The cluster goes down…and then an entire node goes down

  • The node that is running distributes the clusters that were on the failed node.

Break and treats!

  • Cupcakes!

Also, Scaling using App Engine.

  • Anthony’s application where we logged on and watched it scale dynamically, as we hit the server. This happened in a space of a few seconds.

Still scaling

This is neat..machine learning for video

  • Anthony showed us a demo of a video that was created for Googs Home. Basically, this API was able to detect images in the video and what they were (so Computer Vision) and the time stamp at which they occurred during the video. Very useful for batch video editing and archiving.


  • I made two friends, one of whom is from JPL. We went out afterwards for Ramen! It was wonderful! I had a really great day today!

Things to work on

  • Pretty much finish up my game and submit. I’m almost there. One more function and test test test. Submit, clean up any things they desire, etc. Hard deadline is next Thursday.


  • If number is odd, return num, else return 2 * num
function pocketMoney(number){
  if (number % 2 == 0){
    return 2 * number
    return number
  • Remove the item completely if it occurs more than once in a list. Then sum the items in the list. Solved in Python using count.
def sum_no_duplicates(l):
    arr = []
    total = 0
    for i in l:
     g = l.count(i)
     if g == 1:
    for i in arr:
      total = total + i 
    return total
  • Take all lowercase vowels in a string and uppercase them
def swap(st):
    arr = []
    s = list(st)
    for i in s:
      if i == 'a':
      elif i == 'e':
      elif i == 'i':
      elif i == 'o':
      elif i == 'u':
    return ''.join(arr)
  • Round result to two places. Actually was failing one input, but when I refreshed the random cases, it passed. Also, randomly, it was available in C sharp, Java, and Python, and by the time I passed the kata, it was only available to be solved in Java and C sharp :) Even stranger is that it says I solved it in Java. This is not Java…
def round_to_2_decimal_places(n):
    from decimal import Decimal
    return float(round(Decimal(n), 2))
  • This was a really badly written one, but I passed the tests
def reverse_sentence(sentence):
    arr = []
    a = sentence.split(" ")
    b = a[::-1]
    return ' '.join(b)
  • Hamming Distance (binary). Say you have a string ‘110’ and another ‘101’. The changes if you walked from the first digit to the last of each when compared would be
    1. One to change the second 1 to zero and the third 0 to 1 (or vice versa). Devise a formula for this.
def hamming_distance(a, b):
    # Your code here
  total = 0
  for i, j in zip(a, b):
                if i != j:
                        total += 1
  return total
Written on August 16, 2017