Wednesday August 1st

GSoC Day 80

There is Panning!

  • Specifically

Zoomed in and Panning works…

Reset button resets both the zoom and pan positions (so back to (0,0) and zoomed out).

  • The implementation was done by creating a PanningLayer control. We had a panningCenter set at (0,0) to keep track of the centre/ start for resetting the pan.

  • The handleControl had to keep track between the difference between the place to which the pan took place (say, (x, y)) and the new spot to which it would move next (say, (x1, y1)). It also had to compensate for the way it would move when the user is zoomed in and pans.

  • The functionality of when panning would be allowed had to be thought of. Is it when an animation is paused, or at any time? Also, the order affected whether the other buttons that were already implemented would be captured or not. So we had to make sure PanningLayer was put first. The other way around (ie concatenating PanningLayer at the end of the list ensured that you could only pan, but do nothing else in terms of controls usability.

  • So that was resolved and another pull request was merged. I also have to work on the final retrospective post, and link to my pull requests for the summer through that.

  • I also need to finish up another pull request I’m working on. One test is not passing, and then it’s time to deal with Continuous Integration again.

  • And that’s it.

Written on August 1, 2018