Wednesday August 23rd

Mathematica Cont’d

  • I have about two more sets of lessons to go, and am reading through their documentation.

  • So far, so good. A gentleman from their company even got in touch with me about how they could give me the best experience during my trial, which I thought was really great.

Functional Programming in Mathematica

As it turns out

  • It has Drop and Take and Map functions!

  • Also, check out this rad post about [Monads in Mathematica!( from Mathematica Stack Exchange.

This wonderful lecture by Richard Southwell

  • Called Mathematica for beginners goes through basic functions, and he even uses Adjacency Graphs, which tie into things like Directed Graphs in Graph Theory.

  • It’s fascinating to see how the matrix directly translates into a graph.

  • See the entire lesson here.

  • You can read about Adjacency Matrices here

Solving algebraic problems in Mathematica

  • It of course does imaginary numbers

  • Note the ==, because = is for assignment

Use Simplify or Expand

  • It does just that, as best it can

  • Bear in mind, it’s finding any given number of solutions, not just one.

Solving simultaneous equations

Using graphs to help solve equations

Based on your criteria, you can narrow the range, or ask for a specific solution

While loops

  • You can create a loop as such

  • Create a list
  • Create a second list that will be filtered into
  • Write loop, starting with k value
  • Do something to each value of k
  • Append this new and updated value of k to the second list for a specific number of iterations (start, stop)
  • Print filtered second list

  • There are even functions that are built in, like GCD of the returned list, or if there are prime numbers in there, etc. Very interesting!


  • You can create Tables, which are a sequence of k for each value along a sequence of a function

  • I have some questions about Tables. I don’t quite fully understand them.

Time to go through documentation!

  • So far, so good.

Things to be done

  • Continue two last chunks of Mathematica (you only have 13 days left)
  • Do Nanodegree project (due Sept 22nd)
  • Do application (Sunday)


Written on August 23, 2017