Wednesday July 12th

Training and Finishing stuff

  • So, I’m in the middle of this mentally anxious period of the day because I have to go home, have a G Hangout for our group to help configure our database, and then pack and quickly head out to my commute to SF. Craziness! I’m so happy I did laundry last night. I would have had no time this evening. I don’t even know if I have time to eat tonight before I head out :(

  • I am really excited about my trip, though. It should be fun! Also, I should come home with some sort of certification, just for good measure! I really like the people in the Bay, and I really like the people at Googs.

I’m reading a Paper on Hyperbolic Geometry

  • learned about automorphic numbers. Basically, it’s a number whose square ends in the same digits as the number (eg. 5 and 25, etc).

I also randomly got recruited

  • For a Scala position, full time. I can’t stop laughing. But hey, if people see me as functional programming and mathy, that’s fine by me. I guess I’m just going to continue and see where it all leads. It’s been really fun thus far.


  • I also got good advice to just complete my degree. So I’m definitely going to do that. I’m so close, why not. I’m still going to try to apply for the JPL internship either for this upcoming semester or next. I really like it there, and I like the people. We’ll see.

I may post some pics here from my trip

Written on July 12, 2017