Wednesday June 27th

GSoC and RustReach Day 45

I am rested today

  • I actually feel great! I also really enjoyed my GSoC meeting tonight!

My tasks, should I choose to accept it:

are to:

  • learn some Elm
  • become proficient in arranging shapes on the screen
  • make the slider draggable. Also, if the slider isn’t in Simulation, I need to file a bug on that.


  • Yep. We have a slider!


  • Pretty cool stuff. It’s clickable, but not draggable, and there needs to be some text to show it’s a 5x slider.

So for the rest of this week

  • I’ll be working on the GSoC tasks. I’ll also be spending Friday on Rust, but the rest is for GSoC, including Friday PM.

I’ve also been encouraged

  • Chris encouraged me today to also apply for Summer of Haskell and other such projects. He said Haskellbook is good and all, but I get a lot from working on projects like these. I agree, and I’ve really enjoyed this experience. I never would have imagined my summer would be like this. It’s very fun and I’m happy to spend the rest of my summer working on debugging.
  • I was actually thinking about it from PLDI, and I may very well enjoy spending a PhD working on debugging tools. I’m really in love with this stuff. It’s so much fun!

A supervisor of mine

  • We were talking today about what we did in our spare time, liked, etc and he immediately said “I can tell you like the compiler stuff!”. People keep saying that. I do, but I didn’t think it was that noticeable. Okay, maybe installing Stack and spending all my time in between assignments learning Haskell is kind of a give-away, but I swear it makes me better at my job.

So I guess…some Elm will be posted here soon!

  • As well as any other progress in terms of the slider and playing with shapes on the screen. Pretty fun! :D

PS Haskellinos and PureScripters, please do not exile me because I have to learn some Elm. Love, K <3

Written on June 27, 2018