Wednesday June 7th

Argument for Having a Blog

  • I’d like to start by encouraging anyone who is thinking about starting a blog to please start one!

  • Whether it’s on Lambda Calculus or Haskell, or building games, I’d really appreciate it. It helps to be a part of the community, plus it makes you accountable for doing or contributing something when you post!

Assignment in Firebase!

  • Oh man, this was fun!!! I actually enjoyed using this! A lot like Google Compute Engine and Cloud Session I did last year at the Google LA office.

  • That was fun. I was getting soft-serve ice-cream and a Googler tripped out over my Rails Girls LA t-shirt. Googs doesn’t use Rails, but he said Ruby was a favourite, so he appreciated my t-shirt. I learned a lot in those workshops, and it was definitely worth learning and getting familiar with using. Some of the icons weren’t as intuitive (like the CloudShell), but most of the other parts really do just make sense in terms of ease of functionality.


  • Hella cool that it changes in real time! Wut!?

Two more…

  • Displaying Data in Firebase

I Solved two katas

  • Find the nth even number : This is simple Mathematics. I was off by two, because…so I added two. I did this because I wasn’t sure if the case would work for 0 or some other weird test. But it could have been simplified.
function nthEven(n){
    var num = 2 + ((n-2)*2)
    return num

Count the number of Animals in a Sentence

  • Solved in Python. Parsed the sentence. Looked for ints, pushed that to array and summed those.

    Convoluted, I know.

    It passed the tests, and I’m learning functional programming for life, so…

  • Over time, I’ll get better at refactoring, programming more concisely (and precisely), etc.

    Thankfully, the Programming for Correctness course has really made me see loops in a totally different light.

    Everything is so clear now with loops, understanding them mathematically. I highly recommend that course!

    It’s a great thing Haskell uses Loops! (not) :)

def CountAnimals(sentence):
    arr1 = []
    arr =  sentence.split(" ")
    total = 0;
    total1 = 0;
    for i in arr:
       total = total + int(i)
       total = 0
    if len(arr1) == 0:
      return 0
      for i in arr1:
        total1 = total1 + i 
      return total1

This one was just terrible

Something something..Pyramid of Giza.


function buildPyramidTime(strength, skill) {
  // Only change code below this line
  var total = strength + skill;
  if (total > 15)
    return "receive 3000 gold coins"
  else if ((total >= 10) && (total <= 15)){
    return "receive 5000 gold coins"
    return "receive 10000 gold coins"
    // Only change code above this line

I register for Strange Loop today (done!)!

  • As a grant winner, I get to register one day early. I’m looking at either the NES course (“Making NES games in Assembly”) or the Tensorflow workshop (called “Getting Started with Tensorflow”).

Update - Registered for Tensorflow Workshop!

Even though I plan on taking an Assembly class in Spring, I also think I would get a lot more out of a hands-on, four-hour workshop. We shall see. I contacted her to double-check the requirements. She already has a workshop github-repo up.

  • She says we will be using OSS Tensorflow. Awesome!

  • I have $700 in credits for Google Cloud, from Google IO, so it seems sort of like a “stars-align” scenario. :)

  • Also, I was invited to a Google Cloud event in San Francisco in mid-June, which I’ll be attending, at their SF office. I’m excited about that. It should be fun.

  • I want to continue learning and working with Cloud and Tensorflow, because I like numerical computation!

  • I’d like to learn Tensor Calculus one day.

Plan for today

  • I’m tired, because I stayed up late listening to trance music after my exam. However, I’d like to dig into my Algorithms coursework. I’ll probably write mine in Python.

  • Finish up Firebase homework by Liz this evening (done!).


  • Officially one of nine chosen for July “Coding for Product” workshop. Recognized quite a few people. This should be fun! I’m expecting to learn a lot, and is a great segue from my June workshop.


Written on June 7, 2017