Wednesday May 16th

Day 3 GSoC

It’s 12am

  • I should totally be sleeping, but I’m up listening to “Randy” before I head to sleep and get up again in a few hours :D
  • I’m officially listed as a contributor! How cool is that!? slow clap

I’m also stuck

  • I’m stuck on this one resolution of types that I’m going to work on tomorrow during the day. I got the original new constructor to type-check, but I now have to remove a parameter and get that to type-check for both this and the other constructor. I have two errors to resolve that I just can’t get right. If I can’t get it to work, I guess I’m going to have to walk into that meeting tomorrow at 7pm and get some help. Either way, it shall be conquered! insert arbitrary Trogdor dance. So reminded me of a few years ago, when I was playing Trogdor and my dad asked me what I was doing, and I calmly replied “setting peasants and their cottages afire” and he said with great interest and sarcasm “Oh..wonderful!” LOL.

Also Rust

  • I’m trying to understand some of the beginner stuff, and make a small project this week. We’ll see. Some of it is very familiar from Python, Haskell and C++, but it’s still not a language I’d say I’m fluent in, so working on that. Haskell is definitely helping, though.

I’m looking forward to the meeting today

  • It was a great idea to have the meetings throughout the week to make sure I have tasks assigned and am focused. I don’t know how these mentors find the time and energy to do this, considering they’re also working. They were up at all hours. I hope they get some rest!
  • I have class, for which I sort of missed last Wednesday (was at IO) and Monday (on-site). I worked on a quiz yesterday but I have two assignments coming up, so we’ll see. I have to say though, Haskell and Rust are more fun. It’s been easier to do those rather than homework for class. But I guess considering this class makes me a student and the last class is the week after LambdaConf, I guess I should just finish it off.
Written on May 16, 2018