Wednesday May 31st

LambdaConf-itis :(

I’m back home…

  • I’m missing the Functional Programming community. Hopefully, at least my Rust group and Haskell group will have a meetup soon.

  • In any case, I have a workshop for four Saturdays starting. We have to add a feature to a Matchmaking App. Mine basically will allow you to narrow your choices based on whether you’d like a “hook-up” or a long-term relationship. A person in that scenario doesn’t care about information too far away, so better to exclude it, and it’s helpful to have matches based on location (zip code, or a “know your location” detection system etc).

Here is the flow-chart for it.



  • Whoops..Apparently, she meant like a “study-buddy” matchmaking app (Seriously, though..matchmaking colloquially today alludes to specifically one thing, but oh well LOL).

  • Here is a new diagram for that. It looks at your zip code, picks a match based on that. Then it asks the persons if they’d like to have a study session at one of their locations, or else pick a place in the vicinity, suggesting coffee-shops, libraries nearby, etc.

  • From there, it maps out a path if the persons choose, by bus, car, train, walking, etc to the chosen location



  • Working on finishing up a C++ lab. It compiles, but the functions aren’t testing properly.

  • Also, writing up notes for a quiz next week Tuesday (in C++). Should be a short one.

  • Also need to start reviewing notes for final exam, too. I need to continue with the game engine, and the LaTeX/Matlab. Hopefully I can continue once my exam is done (on the 13th).

  • There was another workshop for five Saturdays that I really wanted to do, but I can’t afford it right now. Basically, I’ve asked to audit. If not, there is next time. I’d seriously attend all the workshops if I can audit, though!

Of note

  • I learned a bit about Hadamard Matrices today. Really fascinating!

  • Used by our very own JPL for Mariner and Voyager. Incredible!

Written on May 31, 2017