Wednesday November 11th

Writing again

The Void

  • Tonight the prompt was the void. We spoke a lot, which meant I didn’t write as much, and that’s okay.


  • What does it mean to exist in the void? The void is the thing that is terrifying, unsolvable, the uncomfortable. How do we find meaning in the void? How do we find form in the collective unconsciousness within which we exist?


  • How does one become comfortable with ambiguity? How does one exist in ambiguity?


  • Even Mathematics attempts to define differences in the void, to measure it. Is it immeasurable?


  • Academia focuses on the things that you do, and about the positive, but we should focus on the things that are anti-productive, and how those contribute to well-being, to one’s health, as acts of remedy to one’s existence. How do those things we don’t do impact or heal the things that we do?


  • What does it mean to not hit a goal? We throw away so many papers or ideas, as in grant proposals or code, and render them useless. We define our worth by the successes and those things that we do with ease, rather than necessarily by those things that we lack. Growth is in the lacking.

Key words

  • antipoems, autotelic, Apollonian vs Dionysian, chaos, negative assertions, Kafka
Written on November 11, 2020