Wednesday November 1st

Chugging Along…

Got to sleep around 2:30am

  • So, I went to sleep around 2:25am.
  • But, Good news! I finished my Nanodegree project!
  • I even amended the code after my review and did a mini-course on Markdown.
  • The linter (PEP8) was challenging, but very much appreciated. I made the mistake of going between two text editors (Sublime and Notepad++), and one of them didn’t have proper settings for tabs and spaces. That resulted in my having to spend some time going through linter errors. Yikes!


  • Yesterday, I had an online (via Skype) interview.
  • It was actually really enjoyable. I really liked the engineers and the company.
  • It’s smaller compared to the companies I’ve been recruited by, and it’s local, but I actually think if they’re generous enough to have me for an internship, I’d be pretty much over the moon about it. Plus, they’re also FP-junkies!

Opportunity to Mentor others

  • I also received an opportunity to mentor others. I was encouraged to do so, and I’d be thrilled to do that, also.

  • I’m looking forward to my Nanodegree in Front End Web Development.
  • Particularly learning some JQuery and JavaScript


  • I signed up for two classes for Spring :
    • The first is a Concepts of Programming class, which covers some FP
    • The second is a Java course, taught by a professor who works at NASA! I’ve been thinking about state since Saturday, when we did our mob-coding. It’s not something I’ve thought much about, since I’ve been thinking more about FP.

Starting Game Final Project

  • I installed SFML today. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!
  • Here is the installation success screen!

  • I’m going to start from tomorrow understanding how I can make windows and tiles and stuff for my simple game.

  • I already have an idea for my simple game

Things to do

  • Daily Hackerrank challenge (done). (I even snuck in a CodeWars challenge, too!)

  • Final Project (started, on course/ schedule)

  • Get Certificate for Initial Nanodegree (working on)


  • I have class tonight, but that’s about it. I’m pretty much just working on C++ (final project mostly).


  • Coffee match price and type
function getCoffee(ar, cof) {
  var sum = 0.0
  for (var i = 0; i < ar.length; i++)
    sum = sum + ar[i]
  if ((sum == 2.20 && cof == "Americano") ||
  (sum == 2.30 && cof == "Latte") ||
  (sum == 2.40 && cof == "Flat white") || 
  (sum == 3.50 && cof == "Filter")){
    return "Here is your Latte, have a nice day!"
    return "Sorry, exact change only, try again tomorrow!"
  • change to L33tspeak
function nerdify(txt){
  txt = txt.replace(/a/gi, '4')
  txt = txt.replace(/A/gi, '4')
  txt = txt.replace(/e/gi, '3')
  txt = txt.replace(/E/gi, '3')
  txt = txt.replace(/l/g, '1')
  return txt
Written on November 1, 2017