Wednesday November 8th

Long Time no See…and LambdaConf 2018!

Hey everyone!

  • Long time no see :)

  • I’ve been working locally on some stuff.


  • Yes, yes, it’s true! I’ll be attending!
  • Apparently, unbeknownst to myself, I won a blog competition about LambdaConf 2017, which scored me tickets to next year’s LambdaConf! I cannot tell you how truly thankful I am for this opportunity! I hope one day I’ll be in the position to help others! The community is just really supportive of me, and I feel really grateful!


  • I’ve been sort of out of sorts. I’ve been taking a break and my good friend and I aren’t on speaking terms, which is sort of a bummer. I’m hoping he’ll come around. I do miss talking with him, and I really was looking forward to meeting his dogs! (okay, maybe 80 percent was about meeting the dogs haha).
  • It’s really difficult for me in general to be close to anyone, and twice this year I’ve been burned, so it’s sort of emotionally taken a toll on me. Programmers are definitely a unique bunch, and very much have a particular introversion. With introversion, there is often a lot of misunderstanding. So, like any good programmer-in-training, I’ve been a little rant-y on Twitter lol. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • I’m definitely one to bounce back, though!


  • I’ll be going to a Haskell talk on Facebook’s GHC Haxl Linker system!
  • I’m excited to catch up with friends!
  • Oh, and the following day, when I get back, I have an interview for an internship! :)
  • Phil also scheduled the next PureScript meetup. I’ll be in Maryland at the John Hopkins Applied Physics lab, for a Flight Software Workshop on autonomous spacecraft, so I won’t be able to make it physically, but I’ll definitely be there for the livestream!

Final Project

  • We have to do a final project in C++. People chose stuff like a refrigerator reminder, or something that keeps a tally of inventory for a store. I’m making a game and teaching myself SFML.

Sprite Sheets

  • So far, I’ve made these using Piskel.


  • To stay on track, I’ve also made myself weekly notifications in my calendar as to what I’ll accomplish each week. This week, it’s mainly completing the Sprite sheet and loading them in the game, along with the background.

  • I’ve also created a UML with a basic structure

Google/ Udacity Developer Challenge

  • I’ve started this today, and am going through the first lessons!

  • What is quite enjoyable is also seeing in a video Nick, who has been such a wonderful, supportive ally throughout my journey. I can’t thank the community enough!

  • I’m actually thinking of (don’t tell him! lol) of also sending a little care package at some point to my online mentor, Christian, who was really supportive of me when I was doing my Nanodegree. He lives in Germany!

Things to do/ upcoming

  • So um..that daily Hackerrank will have to wait. I’m not sure I can do this every day. Maybe once a week is more realistic, given all the updates.
  • Chug along with the game (week one expectations/ plans)
  • Go to class tonight! :)
  • Continue with Nanodegree
  • Attend Haskell Talk in Sunnyvale!
  • Do your best at your interview :)


  • sum of square diff -> sum digits
  function sumOfDiff(n) {
    var sum = 0;
    var sum1 = 0;
    for (var i = 0; i <= n; i++)
      sum = sum + (i * i)
      sum1 = sum1 + i
    var total = (sum1 * sum1) - sum
    var string1 = total.toString()
    var string2 = string1.split("")
    var arr = [];
    var finalsum = 0;
    for (var j = 0; j <= string2.length-1; j++)
      var square =  parseInt(string2[j]) * parseInt(string2[j])
      finalsum = finalsum + square
    return finalsum
Written on November 8, 2017