Wednesday September 21st

Sailing practice and upcoming

Got my gloves!

  • Wohoo! My sailing gloves arrived in the mail last night. Got them when I got home last night (about to to midnight..argh. Blargy train schedule!)

  • So heading over there to do some practice and figure out where I’ll be on Sunday and all that.

Got a lot going on

  • I have a C++ assignment to do by Oct 3rd
  • A solution to upload that is a mini-version of that
  • Finish up lectures for Nanodegree by Oct 1st, so I have 1 month for the final project
  • Stick with going through Haskell lessons on Mondays (usually takes up most of the day)
  • Find a way to continue doing some C (probably once the Nanodegree is done; will be a natural complement to C++… uh..I hope :P )

Been a bit busy

  • I’ve been hearing from recruiters once a day, so been following up with some

  • Also filling out some applications for some other stuff

  • I have a habit of putting some of my kata solutions on old posts (which I did for my previous post), so some of the ones I worked on the last couple of days on there

  • Oh, and I joined a PureScript group!

Upcoming things I’d like to read

  • How garbage collectors work and the mark-sweep algorithm. I’d like to learn about the algorithms and data structures used. There’s a guy in our FP chat group who implemented his own from scratch, which is amazeballs! A lot of it is in C, so that’s perfect, considering I’m learning a bit of C. I’m not anywhere near that level, so I just want to understand it on a theoretical level.
  • That’s about it for now, or at least as much as I’m willing to share :)
Written on September 21, 2017