Tuesday October 8th

Taking time to acknowledge everything

I just completed a Meeting

  • I’ve been poking around the Internet to see what PhD profiles can and do look like. It occurred to me after a one and a half hour long weekend that I haven’t taken the time to acknowledge some of the stuff I’ve done this year.

  • PhDs do that, I guess, so maybe I should too?


  • I wrapped up / completed a local internship in El Segundo [ Jan ]
  • I attended a workshop at MSRI on Derived Algebraic Geometry [ Feb ]
  • I participated in NASA’s L’Space Level One Proposal/ Grant writing workshop [ Jan ]
  • I interned at Apple, which ended May 31st [ Feb to May ]
  • I attended a Number Theory Conference at Cornell [ April ]
  • I participated in NASA’s L’Space Concept Proposal Academy [ April ]
  • I attended Google I/O after receiving a subsidized ticket courtesy of Women Techmakers [ May ]
  • I interned at Mercury, starting on June 3rd, and ending August 9th [ June to Aug ]
  • I attended a conference at the Simons Institute in Berkeley on Error Correcting Codes and Encryption [ June ]
  • I attended Racket School, a PL workshop where we build a language from the ground up in a week [ July ]
  • I attended Curry On, a PL conference in London [ July ]
  • I was accepted as a Code2040 Finalist [ July ]
  • I obtained a Twilio Signal Conference Scholarship and attended Signal [ Aug ]
  • I gave a talk on My First Panic, at Github’s SF office, through Sentry’s Community Show and Tell night [ Aug ]
  • Flew back to LA and packed everything in a week, and started orientation/ school the following Monday [ Aug to Sept ]
  • I was accepted for a Research Proposal group through NASA (called L’Space NPWEE) that meets weekly. (That’s been my Tuesday evenings, even though we are also on Whatsapp and communicate pretty frequently for scheduling meetings, etc) [ July to present ]
  • I started attending meetings on Wednesdays for my school’s research project [ Sept to present ]
  • I started TA-ing the Matlab class, with office hours and TA hours pretty much on Thursdays. It’s been a mix of showing up to two classes back to back, holding 2 hours of office hours and grading assignments. [ Sept to present ]
  • I gave a presentation for my summer group’s research project in my first week of attending classes for our CS Research Day. The audience included faculty from our department and the Department Chair (how about that for your first week!) [ Sept ]
  • I gave another talk a week and a half later to our local CS Club on Google Summer of Code and Internships [ Sept ]
  • I am giving another (shorter) talk this Wednesday for our CS Club on Open Source projects involving Mathematics [ Oct]
  • I am attending the Google Developer Student Lead Summit in Sunnyvale (all expenses paid by Google) [ Oct ]
  • I am giving another talk to a senior class on Interviewing, Job-hunting, Finances (basically life advice) [ Oct ]
  • I received a travel grant through the NSF to attend Sage Days, which is about contributing to SageMath, open source software for Computational Maths [ Nov ]
  • I received complimentary registration and a travel grant to attend Neurips! [ Dec ]

I think this means I’m not doing too badly in my first semester

  • I keep pushing myself, though. It’s been fun. I’ve really been enjoying research, my classes, and being a PhD student. I can’t imagine really doing anything else right now. I haven’t decided quite yet if I am going to do a summer internship next year, but I’ve been applying and interviewing, so we’ll see how it all turns out. Either way, I can just stay over the summer and do research, too, so it depends.

  • There are many; so many more things in the works right now, but I should get to sleep. But I feel a bit better; it’s been a wild ride!
  • I tend to look ahead and think of all the things I want to accomplish, which can distract from the things I have accomplished. What a list!

And that’s about it

Written on October 8, 2019