Tuesday October 8th

Taking time to acknowledge everything

I just completed a Meeting

  • I’ve been poking around the Internet to see what PhD profiles can and do look like. It occurred to me after a one and a half hour long weekend that I haven’t taken the time to acknowledge some of the stuff I’ve done this year.

  • PhDs do that, I guess, so maybe I should too?


  • I received an Invitation to attend TechTogetherBoston2020, Boston’s Largest All-Female Hackathon [ Jan ]
  • I received an Invitation to attend WiHacks, RIT’s all-female and non-binary 24-hour hackathon [ Jan ]
  • I’m giving a talk at the Women in Data Science Meetup on Feb 3rd on Why Conferences Matter (inspired by Neurips) [ Feb ]
  • I’m TA-ing two classes in Spring; one is a Compilers course in Haskell, and another CS basics (Advanced Web Design) course [ Jan - May ]
  • I was invited to be on a panel for FAccT, but could not get my visa in order in time, so had to decline [ Jan ]
  • I am a member of the OpenMined Women of OpenMined group; we have a study group where we learn about Differential Privacy and work up to contributing to the OpenMined codebase and take part in competitions (most members are in grad school or seasoned researchers/engineers). We are currently involved in a general AI/Differential Privacy study group for Women, and another for going through the FastAI coursework (both are book-club/study groups), NLP, and learning about homomorphic encryption [ Jan ] [ May ]
  • I’m working with a team of 5 researchers (mostly located on the East Coast) to plan the Black in AI lunch event on Sunday Feb 9th at AAAI this year. [ Jan ]
  • I will also be a panelist and mentor for Try AI during the AAAI conference, which is half a day of mentorship for young women to encourage them to study STEM and AI/ML [ Jan ]
  • I received funding to attend ICERM’s “Variable Precision in Mathematical and Scientific Computing” at Brown University from May 6th through the 8th [ Jan ]
  • I’m a reviewer for the Tapia Conference Workshops and Panels (two rounds) [ Feb ] [ May ]
  • I’m a reviewer for the ICLR 2020 PML4DC Workshop [ Feb ]
  • I received an invitation to give a 2 minute talk and present a poster at CMU for their AI for Social Good Symposium [ Feb ]
  • I’ve been invited to become a Committee member for the HCI GHC (Grace Hopper Conference) 2020 track (two rounds) [ March ][ April ]
  • I received a grant to attend MSRI’s Optimal Transport and Applications to Machine Learning and Statistics Workshop [ March ]
  • I’ve been invited to do a podcast for Corecursive [ March ]
  • I am a member of the MD4SG Education Working group, which meets every other week and has a private Fb group to discuss papers, research, plans moving forward [ March ]
  • I received a pass to attend the NVIDIA GTC Deep Learning Institute’s workshop on “Applications of AI for Anomaly Detection (LDLIW2249)”, which is courtesy of Black in AI and LXAI [ March ]
  • I became part of the Open-Mined writing team, and will work with others to produce technical articles and blog posts involving Deep Learning and Differential Privacy, among other things [ March ]
  • I’m working my way through the DeepLearning.ai Specialization to complement my Machine Learning and Research coursework; I completed course 1 (Neural Networks and Deep Learning) , 2 (Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization), 3 (Structuring Machine Learning Projects) [ April ]
  • I’ve been selected to attend the Bloomberg Women in Engineering two-day event (which is now virtual) [ April ]
  • I’ve been selected as a volunteer for ICLR, which will be virtual this year [ April ] (*)
  • I received Financial Aid to attend SciPy 2020, which is now virtual [ April ]
  • I was offered a BRAID Funded Scholarship to attend the Grace Hopper Conference 2020. This will include accommodation during the conference, with the group. I accepted :) I’m thankful to my school and for BRAID for this opportunity [ April ]
  • I have been accepted as an NCWIT Change Leader Scholar (CLS) pending my attendance in their introductory session. The Change Leader Scholarship Programme guides students to become leaders within their communities, particularly as women in STEM. It culminates in a Summit that is usually held in person, but will be held virtually this year [ April ]
  • I have been invited to co-host Kaggle e-days (Data Science and Machine Learning events/ talks, etc). [ April ]
  • I received word that I was successfully matched (1 of 30) for the Lighthouse3 Women in AI Ethics Mentorship Programme. In response, I will have to not only communicate with my mentor (who is based in SF), but this result in a published article about my experience [ May ]
  • I received an ALife Conference Student Scholarship award to attend the virtual conference this year! [ May ]
  • I have been featured in The Women of Silicon Valley: Caribbean Techies. It talks about my journey into tech.
  • I’m attending the NASA Formal Methods 2020 conference (now virtual), including their sessions on AI for Safety and their Workshop on Formal Methods for Cryptographic Proofs [ May ]
  • I was asked to be a programme committee member and reviewer for the LXAI workshop at ICML [ May ]
  • I was chosen (1 of 18) to attend the online version of the Dark Matters workshop at the School for Poetic Computation, which is being taught by American Artist, and covers issues of technology, surveillance, and ethics [ May ]
  • I was selected for the LXAI Research Mentorship Programme for ICML, which entails being matched with a senior research scientist in AI and meeting with them until ICML to discuss career goals, mentorship in research [ May ]
  • I am participating as a mentee for S&P/Oakland’s Speed Mentoring. Such a great idea for young researcher/senior research interaction! [ May ]
  • I’m being funded through a Fellowship grant courtesy of an Award (for one student, based on research I was already working on with my advisor, from a proposal my advisors submitted) given to us by Amazon. This should be for approximately 2 years [ May ]
  • I have been asked to speak on a panel for Career Girls Virtual AI Camp in July [ May ]


  • I wrapped up / completed a local internship in El Segundo [ Jan ]
  • I attended a workshop at MSRI on Derived Algebraic Geometry [ Feb ]
  • I participated in NASA’s L’Space Level One Proposal/ Grant writing workshop [ Jan ]
  • I interned at Apple, starting Feb 11th, ending May 31st [ Feb to May ]
  • I attended a Number Theory Conference at Cornell [ April ]
  • I participated in NASA’s L’Space Concept Proposal Academy [ April ]
  • I attended Google I/O after receiving a subsidized ticket courtesy of Women Techmakers [ May ]
  • I interned at Mercury, starting on June 3rd, and ending August 9th [ June to Aug ]
  • I attended a conference at the Simons Institute in Berkeley on Error Correcting Codes and Encryption [ June ]
  • I attended Racket School, a PL workshop where we build a language from the ground up in a week [ July ]
  • I attended Curry On, a PL conference in London [ July ]
  • I was accepted as a Code2040 Finalist (1 of 292) and Fellow (1 of 80) [ July ][ Nov ]
  • I obtained a Twilio Signal Conference Scholarship and attended Signal [ Aug ]
  • I gave a talk on My First Panic, at Github’s SF office, through Sentry’s Community Show and Tell night [ Aug ]
  • Flew back to LA and packed everything in a week, and started orientation/ school the following Monday [ Aug to Sept ]
  • I was accepted for a Research Proposal group through NASA (called L’Space NPWEE) that meets weekly. I am the Project Manager for this group. (That’s been my Tuesday evenings, even though we are also on Whatsapp and communicate pretty frequently for scheduling meetings, etc. We also use Trello, etc) [ July to present ]
  • I started attending meetings on Wednesdays for my school’s research project [ Sept to present ]
  • I started TA-ing a Matlab class, with office hours and TA hours pretty much on Thursdays. It’s been a mix of showing up to two classes back to back, holding 2 hours of office hours and grading assignments. [ Sept to present ]
  • I gave a presentation for my summer group’s research project in my first week of attending classes for our CS Research Day. The audience included faculty from our department and the Department Chair (how about that for your first week!) [ Sept ]
  • I gave another talk a week and a half later to our local CS Club on Google Summer of Code and Internships [ Sept ]
  • I gave another (shorter) talk this Wednesday for our CS Club on Open Source projects involving Mathematics [ Oct ]
  • I attended the Google Developer Student Lead Summit in Sunnyvale (all expenses paid by Google) [ Oct ]
  • I gave another talk to a senior class on Interviewing, Job-hunting, Finances (basically life advice) [ Oct ]
  • I received a Udacity Technology Scholarship powered by Bertelsmann for their AI track, specifically the “Intro to Deep Learning with Pytorch” course. Will probably do this over the winter break [ Nov ]
  • I received an Opportunity to attend both Twitter’s MLFlock events for PhD ML students in Boston and New York; I attended the event in New York City on Academia to Industry and Twitter technology [ Nov ]
  • I accepted an internship via Code2040 to work at Autodesk’s Pier 9 for Summer 2020. I’m super excited. There are robots and there is data there, and my team is amazing! [ Nov ]
  • I was interviewed by an organization called Career Girls (Boston) at MIT for support of women in STEM [ Nov ]
  • I received a travel grant through the NSF to attend Sage Days, which is about contributing to SageMath, open source software for Computational Maths [ Nov ]
  • I received a WiCyS Student Scholarship! I will be attending the 2020 WiCyS Conference (lodging and registration provided) [ Nov ]
  • I received a full reimbursement opportunity to attend the GRA-WP Cohort for Women in 2020 [ Nov ]
  • I received a full reimbursement opportunity to attend the GRA-WP Cohort for Underrepresented Minorities in 2020 [ Nov ]
  • I received complimentary registration and a travel grant to attend Neurips! I currently have tickets also for the Black in AI workshops, as well as the WiML workshops [ Dec ]
  • I received a fee waiver for registration and a travel/lodging grant to attend Real World Crypto 2020, via the IACR. The conference will be in New York City, and I am funded for this opportunity by a generous NSF grant [ Dec ]
  • I received word that I am an NCWIT Finalist! [ Dec ]
  • I applied (and received an offer from) the Graduate Writing Centre; I will be learning how to write and mentoring students for around six hours a week in an interdisciplinary writing skillset at the graduate level (so reviewing and helping graduate students write papers in Literature, Materials Science, History, etc)! [ Dec ]


  • Programming for Engineers (Matlab) (20) (FA19)
  • Data Privacy (Python, Jupyter) (295B) (FA19)
  • Compilers class (202) (SP20)
  • Advanced Web Design class (142) (SP20)

Current Classes (completed)

  • Software Verification (295A) (FA19)
  • Data Privacy (295B) (FA19)
  • Human Computer Interaction (228) (FA19)

Anticipated Classes (enrolled)

  • Machine Learning (in Python) (254) (SP20)
  • Research credits (491) (SP20)(FA20)
  • Secure Distributed Computation (395) (FA20)
  • Intro to Numerical Analysis (237) (FA20)
  • Privacy: Law, Policy, & Design (196) (FA20)

TODO (2020-21)

  • A Game Theory class (EC 138 or online) (SP21)
  • Deep Learning (SP21)
  • Reliability of Engineering Systems (FA21)
  • Reinforcememt Learning (FA21)
  • Algorithms (SP21)
  • Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning (FA21)

Classes I plan to take (in order of importance)…somewhere between 2020 and 2022…(ie not enrolled yet)

  • Reliability of Engineering Systems
  • Computational Physics
  • Compilers
  • Evolutionary Robotics

I think this means I’m not doing too badly in my first semester

  • I keep pushing myself, though. It’s been fun. I’ve really been enjoying research, my classes, and being a PhD student. I can’t imagine really doing anything else right now.

  • There are many; so many more things in the works right now, but I should get to sleep. But I feel a bit better; it’s been a wild ride!
  • I tend to look ahead and think of all the things I want to accomplish, which can distract from the things I have accomplished. What a list!

And that’s about it

Written on October 8, 2019