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  • I’m a programming languages researcher and aspiring boffin. I love machine learning, encryption, and functional programming (I am at the intersection of the cryptography, programming languages and AI/ML communities).
  • Also a book junkie. Love Haskell, Hackerspaces, puzzles, making and sailing.

What’s Unique about me

  • I would describe myself as intellectually curious. I’ve taken classes in sculpting, drafting, 3D modelling, woodworking, electronics (low voltage/high-voltage/PCB-milling), welding, machining, and robotics (I also taught a robotics class weekly for about a year). I’ve sailed from MDR to Catalina Island, and to Newport beach. I like Haskell and programming languages in general, which I did not learn formally in school. I also worked in manufacturing for a couple startups, and understand the process of manufacturing real-world products (generating a BOM, 3-d modelling, ordering parts, bidding with client, etc). I believe that life experience/learning from failure is important.
  • I see programming as a tool. I believe that coming from a different perspective is important in solving new problems in computer science, and I enjoy collaborating with people who are from various backgounds in research.

Update (as of 2019)

  • In Fall 19, I started PhD candidacy in Programming Languages Research at the University of Vermont (my advisors are Dr. Joseph P. Near and Dr. David Darais). My focus will be on Data Privacy (specifically Differential Privacy) and Machine Learning and ways that privacy can work (is robust) and is verifiable (my lab focuses on provable privacy and security; privacy that works). I also TA-ed for Data Privacy coursework (Python), as well as a Programming for Engineers Matlab course (Matlab), and in Spring I’ll be TA-ing a Compilers course in Haskell and another CS course.
  • I’m open to Summer and Winter Research Internships, particularly as they relate to my topics of research, or Haskell in general, and I’ll get back to you, even though it takes a while because I’m often really busy! :)

More Updates…

  • You can see a bit of my so far (quite busy) life in a blog post here. There is still much time in the year to go! I love working hard and pushing myself, while helping others to reach their fullest potential!

More Information

Ravenclaw. Started out in New York, mostly in California, but get around to the other states, too.

Trinidad -> New York -> California -> Vermont


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